Auto Tweeter : Will it work ?

Hello guys,

I am writing this post today thinking if we have a service that auto tweets the content, then will it work ?

Now most people will put this in the category of spam, and will advice not to do this. But think it like this, I don’t get enough time to tweet and I don’t want to search the web for content that I must tweet, rather if some one provides me the content/articles related to my niche, then it can be so easy.

The time that I might spend in this can be utilized some where else, and besides this I still have the option to tweet and share the content myself.

But in case I am busy with some work and not able to get that day, then still there is some one that will tweet for me.  This doesn’t sounds bad to me at all.

Only in one case this auto tweet might be bad is that people might think of me as fake and a bot, but this will happen if I am doing/tweeting too much or if I am just leaving it on to some system without any manual interaction.

So, I don’t think that auto tweeting is anything bad, provided we use it wisely.

Drop in your thoughts below.

Baby Phone Mobile

Baby Phone Mobile is a type of child monitoring app, wherein one part of the app installed on a device works as a receiver while the other works as a transmitter.

The transmitter part is held near the child, and the receiver can be carried along with you. Receiver mentioned here is just another instance of same app installed on other device.
The app opens up beautifully and asks for accepting its terms, once you are done with that, you can calibrate the microphone as per you.

Microphone Calibration Screen for Baby Phone Android app
Microphone Calibration Screen for Baby Phone Android app

Once you are ready to stream the video, the app provides you with a password which you need to enter at the receiver end.

Password Screen for Baby Phone Android app
Password Screen for Baby Phone Android app

Now its time to stream and watch your cute little baby. On a decent network streaming works nice, but some loss of frames is possible on a slower network.

BabyStream screen for Android Baby Phone App
BabyStream screen for Android Baby Phone App

So guys just give this app a try, although it is paid, but its free for taking a trial.
So just go ahead and watch your little baby, even when you are not around.

The app is available on playstore, for more details please check the site too.