Core Music Player : App review

Core music player app store
Today I will be reviewing a music player app, the name of the app is “Core Music Player“.
The app searches for audio files on your device, and allows you to organize in lists for a Workout Session, or for a Relaxing mood.

The app also provides you with a recorder to record the stuff you need, and keep it for later listening. With all these things the app provides you a Radio, with stations for all over the world  for each country.
Core music player android app


The bottom section of home screen shows  the currently playing track or radio station, where in you can switch to next and share also.



Considering that the app is in development, functionality wise it is ok, but needs work on the UI part and refinement at few places. The icons at certain places look low resolution, also the background image is making text difficult to be read.

You can download the app from here.

Impossible Road Test : Android app review

Impossible road google play

This time I got an opportunity to review a Game , “Impossible Road Test” by Asktolik.
This is a snake game, a small one, with different characters.

The basic concept of the game is that, a snake is moving around in the field, first of all you have to prevent it from colliding. Secondly you have to collect certain objects on the way that add up to the tail, so it goes longer and longer.

The snake is moving in the right direction by default and you have to swipe it to the left using fingers to prevent from colliding , once you leave the touch it will again move to right direction.

Once a level is finished, the app relaunches again with another character. The app has only one level or I have not been able to cross that 🙂


Impossible road screens


Conclusion :

I feel the app is quite good and addictive. There are no such distractions , no such un-necessary functionalities, its just the game, open it and play.

Hope you guys will like it too.
Download it from here.