Amazing Runner in Fantasy Land : Review

Amazing runner android game

Today I will be reviewing another game, and that is Amazing Runner in Fantasy Land.
This is a small runner game where the characters and other sections of scene are having a block design.

Amazing runner android game

The app starts off with a Unity splash screen, symbolizing that the development has been done on Unity.
Once that is done the app connects to Google Play Games, so you just need to pick your google account on app.

Amazing runner android game google play console

After that you can start off with the game.
The games shows you a character (elephant, dinosaur, unicorn etc) standing on a brick platform in imaginary world.

The platform presents you certain obstacles and you have to protect your character from those and move forward.
You also get certain stars in between which gain you some points.

After a certain number of points your level is increased and thus the difficulty of the game.
Besides these you can go to store and purchase levels too.

Since this is not a big game, there is not more to write about. You can go to leader-board & also purchase a version without ads.

I have recorded a gameplay video and you can have look here:



The game looks good to me and there is no major improvement suggested from my side.
I will advice readers to go through it, they will surely enjoy it.
The game can be downloaded from : here.

Creating a pie chart view on Android

In this post I shall be writing about how you can create a pie chart view by drawing on Canvas.

Without wasting any more time lets start.
First thing that we have to do is to create a new view class lets call it PieChartView and extend with View class.
Now, I will be drawing each section of pie chart with a different colour, so I also create an array of few colour codes.
We will also require a Paint object, so lets do that too.
Besides all these lets create a 2 Dimensional array of App Name, and the Percentage. This will serve as a dummy data to plot.

So our code will look like this now:

Now lets override onSizeChanged(int nw, int nh, int ow, int oh) method. Here we will initialize paint object, create a Rectangle object, within which we will draw, and select dimension for circle, whose width and height will be same.

Lets create two other methods, setTextSize & setData, we will need them later on.

So now our code looks like this:

All small things are set now, its time to override the onDraw method now.

Here is what we will do to draw arc:

  1. Go through each data that will be drawn.
  2. For the percentage calculate how many degrees will it cover.
  3. For every section, calculate start & end degree.
  4. Draw Arc using these degrees.

Next is to write text. These are the things which shall be done for same.

  1. Go through each data that will be drawn.
  2. For the percentage calculate how many degrees will it cover.
  3. Convert degrees to radian, since Java Sin, Cos classes work on Radian.
  4. For each degree calculate the point that will lie on arc, below is the diagram to understand the same.
  5. Calculate the width of text and subtract that from X coordinate while drawing.
  6. Similarly adjust the height of it.

Here is the diagram to understand the coordinate from degree.

So finally our code looks like this:

And here is how our Pie Chart looks like.

Hope you liked it.
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Android app review : Born2Invest

Born2Invest header image

Born2Invest App from Dom Einhorn on Vimeo.

This week I got an opportunity to review an App that will help you out in your investing decisions. The app I am talking of is Born2Invest. Born2Invest is a small app that provides you with news from around the world and this in turn provides you with more investing options.

Talking functionality wise there is not much to talk about, the app provides you to choose category , then fetches the news and shows it to you.

The app opens up with one pre selected category and the left navigation provides you option to choose others.

Borm2Invest news screen

Each news can be shared on to social networks and detail can be seen via “Read More” option.

In the settings you have the option to enable notifications for new content and also select the categories. In the left navigation the app also provides an option to view all unread news so you don’t miss any.


Born2invest choose categories


The app works good once the data has been downloaded, its just at one place while loading time that it got stuck, so this needs to be look at. Besides this the UI can be improved a bit, rest all looks good.
App can be downloaded from playstore.