Review: Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter

monster pet pop up bubble shooter android review
Today we will be reviewing a Bubble shooter Game, Monster Pet Pop Bubble shooter.
The concept of the game is to clear the balls on top, you need to make sure that you hit the balls of matching color.

In a particular game you get around 24-25 chances to hit. With each level the formation of balls changes and gets difficult. Each level also offers a challenge, like in one of the level the challenge was to free a ghost. Things like this keeps a user engaged.

At each level we are also presented a booster. The game has a total of 3 types of boosters, although I used all of them, but it’s difficult to explain, so you should try it for yourself.

Monster pet popup bubble shooter
Level beginning screen.

While hitting and exploding balls, you need to match them for a more dramatic effect and combos. In case you are in need of more balls , you need to contact friends ,replay the level again, or buy them.

Each level at beginning presents you with hints that are great help for some one who is new to the game. As far as we played the game there weren’t any lags and it was performing well and follows the android guidelines.

The graphics of the game is quite good along with smooth animations.


We liked the game and so shall you guys. The game is built well and feels that proper time has been invested on development and testing, both. There is nothing that we didn’t liked the game about, neither we have anything to suggest as an improvement.

 Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter hint screen
Each level provides a hint

You can download the game from here on Playstore.
Here is the link.