Koin Katcher review

Here is another fun game in this post, Koin Katcher.
This is a cute little fun game where you have to solve puzzles.

In the game you have to match the treasures and combine boosters to collect wealth! while exploring the world of Koin Katcher!

The game has fun and adventure on every level, as you try and solve unique and challenging puzzles!

Your ability to solve puzzles is crucial to mastering the world of Koin Katcher and all of its levels and challenges

Explore and experience enchanted lands as you match your way to the end of the rainbow!


● Unique and simple gameplay at the tip of your finger

● Hundreds of fun addictive puzzles to master

● Creative art styles and music

● Powerful boosters and combos to demolish levels

So guys have some fun and do no forget to install the app.
The app is available on playstore, at this link.
Have a nice day.

Ask prediction android app review

In this post I shall be reviewing an Indian astrology app.

As the name suggests, Ask Prediction is an app where in you can consult an astrologer regarding your queries and predictions.
Besides this the app also has a ton of features like Daily Predictions, Personalised Predictions, Shubh Muhurat etc.
Thus whether its about your career, business, love life or any other thing, the app and the astrologers are here for you.

Lets take you through a simple walk through of the app.

The app starts with 3 intro screens, highlighting primary features. Swipe through screens to view them.

Next it asks you details for predictions.
The details include things like, Name, Date of Birth, Place, Time, Email, Contact no etc.
Some of these are required for predictions, others as an info of yours.

Once done you are brought to main dashboard screen.
Here you can ask your query with an astrologer.
The interface looks like a chat screen with Predictions, Astrology Report and Horoscope on top.

The top left navigation buttons brings in lots more options to choose from.
You get to find your Love compatibility, A good muhurat, personalised predictions and few more.
I am leaving that for you to explore.

So guys make sure to check this app out.
The app is available on playstore by name “Ask Prediction” and here is the url.
Have a great day.