Koin Katcher review

Here is another fun game in this post, Koin Katcher.
This is a cute little fun game where you have to solve puzzles.

In the game you have to match the treasures and combine boosters to collect wealth! while exploring the world of Koin Katcher!

The game has fun and adventure on every level, as you try and solve unique and challenging puzzles!

Your ability to solve puzzles is crucial to mastering the world of Koin Katcher and all of its levels and challenges

Explore and experience enchanted lands as you match your way to the end of the rainbow!


● Unique and simple gameplay at the tip of your finger

● Hundreds of fun addictive puzzles to master

● Creative art styles and music

● Powerful boosters and combos to demolish levels

So guys have some fun and do no forget to install the app.
The app is available on playstore, at this link.
Have a nice day.

Ask prediction android app review

In this post I shall be reviewing an Indian astrology app.

As the name suggests, Ask Prediction is an app where in you can consult an astrologer regarding your queries and predictions.
Besides this the app also has a ton of features like Daily Predictions, Personalised Predictions, Shubh Muhurat etc.
Thus whether its about your career, business, love life or any other thing, the app and the astrologers are here for you.

Lets take you through a simple walk through of the app.

The app starts with 3 intro screens, highlighting primary features. Swipe through screens to view them.

Next it asks you details for predictions.
The details include things like, Name, Date of Birth, Place, Time, Email, Contact no etc.
Some of these are required for predictions, others as an info of yours.

Once done you are brought to main dashboard screen.
Here you can ask your query with an astrologer.
The interface looks like a chat screen with Predictions, Astrology Report and Horoscope on top.

The top left navigation buttons brings in lots more options to choose from.
You get to find your Love compatibility, A good muhurat, personalised predictions and few more.
I am leaving that for you to explore.

So guys make sure to check this app out.
The app is available on playstore by name “Ask Prediction” and here is the url.
Have a great day.

Coinpal Android App

Coinpal android app

Coinpal is a free and easy wallet for bitcoin & bitcoin cash. Coinpal provides multiple bitcoin wallet creation and management in-app.
Coinpal stores all the encrypted private keys in app and not on cloud servers, thus providing better security.
The app supports BIP70-BIP73 payment protocols and 150+ pricing options.

Its fairly easier to setup the app. Once downloaded it provides you a walltet address to which you can receive payments.

If you need help along the way, just ask!
The customer support specialists answer each and every question.

Below are few of the screens showing the flow of the app.

Coinpal introduction screenTransactions screenCoinpal payment receivedWallet creation screen

So guys please make sure to check this app out.
Here is the link to it: Coinpal android app
Have a great day.

World Angling League

World Angling League is for fisherman’s from all around the world.

The app provides you to log the catches you had, and compete from people all over.

Enter catch return information into the mobile app with any of 1200+ species of featured fish and have the catch return show up in the monthly league table – as well as the top fish of all time!

Compete for top spots for over 200 species of fish in our virtual trophy room – Gold, Silver, Onyx and Tanzanite are up for grabs – for species like Large & Small-mouth Bass, Northern Pike, Walleye, Rainbow and Brown Trout – Lake Trout – and many more!

There is more to it than this, download the app and check it yourself.
World Angling League on playstore

Jot Blue

JotBlue is a quick note taking app. The aim of the app is to take notes quicker.

App focuses on taking short notes, using short codes. The codes exist from A-Z, each stand for a particular type of list, like B stands for ‘Buy’, N stands for ‘Number’ and so on.

There are also certain people who save their notes in SMS, if you are amongst one of them, the app will fetch the messages you have text yourself.

The app provides a quick widget too, so that you don’t have to open it every-time. If you add your Evernote account, the app will sync all your notes with that.

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Instube: Android app to download music and videos(review)

Hello every one,

Hope you all are doing great.
In this post I shall be reviewing an Android app of great utility, using which you can download the videos and music from sites like Youtube, Vimeo, Instagram, Twitter, Vevo and many more.

The name of the app is Instube.
Its a quick, small and clean app, as far as I have tested.
Let’s see how the app progresses , so you get a better idea of it.

Once you open the app, it presents you a splash page and loads the app till then.
Once loaded you are presented with home screen which presents you options for various sites from which you can download the content.

Instube: Home screen
Instube: Home screen

Let’s take Youtube for example.
It shows you the mobile version of the site, where in you can search for your favorite video.

Instube android app review youtube screen
Instube android app review youtube screen

Just like it happens on site, once you select a video, it starts streaming and you will also notice a download button below.

Android app review instube
Video Screen

Clicking on the button presents you various options, like if you want to download video or audio and in what format and quality.
This is a great feature indeed.

Android app
Download screen

Once downloaded you can click on the download button on top right of home screen, where in you can see all downloads.

Same procedure goes for other sites also.

On the home page you also noticed a + button. Using this you can suggest other sites to app,  from which you need your content to be downloaded and the developers can work on it and may be you get it in next update.

On the same home page, left side has another button which brings in some more options from left. The Music, Video & Downloads , open up the saved files on your device.
Thus Music opens music files, Video opens video files and Downloads opens the files downloaded via app.

Instube android app
Left Navigation

Other options presented in the same menu are self explanatory.
You also have settings here where you can set various preferences like, Download path (where you want to save files) , Fast Download mode, Max download tasks (how many files you want to download simultaneously) and download on WiFi only ( do not download on mobile data).

My Verdict:

I personally liked it. I like apps that are neat, clean and minimal. This app satisfies all these things and I think it will be of great use to you.

You can download the app from here.

Have a great day.

Hexa Boii – Android game review

I have been back after a long time as I was busy in few other stuff these months, thus, there will be more posts coming in future now.

Today I am writing a review for an android game Hexa Boii .

Game Concept

The concept of the game is to place colored blocks in to its place and complete the row, just like tetris. This looks to be much simpler than Tetris and you just have to drag the blocks provided and place them in any order, just make sure you complete a row, either vertically or horizontally.

Game Flow

The game starts with splash screen and then provides an option to install Google Play Game Services (if not installed). This is required in order to run this game.

Hexa Boii - First screen, which asks you to install Google Play Games
Hexa Boii – First screen, which asks you to install Google Play Games


Once done, you are on the main game dashboard, having options like. Classic, Hexagon, Timer, Bomb.

Hexa Boii Android - Main Dashboard Screen
Hexa Boii Android – Main Dashboard Screen

All these are different variations of the game. The classic is the simplest. In Hexagon, you have to place blocks in hexagon like structure. Timer expects you to complete it in a particular time. Rest options you should explore yourself.

Hexa Boii - Classic Game Screen
Hexa Boii – Classic Game Screen


The left menu on the main game screen, provides option to Restart game, Return to home and mute the sounds.

Hexa Boii - Left Menu Screen
Hexa Boii – Left Menu Screen


Hexa Boii - Bomb Playback Screen
Hexa Boii – Bomb Playback Screen


As far as I have tested this game, its a great simple game, without much fuss. You don’t get any ads in between, the game flow is simple and game is light on resources.

Go ahead and install it.
Link to game.


Review: Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter

monster pet pop up bubble shooter android review
Today we will be reviewing a Bubble shooter Game, Monster Pet Pop Bubble shooter.
The concept of the game is to clear the balls on top, you need to make sure that you hit the balls of matching color.

In a particular game you get around 24-25 chances to hit. With each level the formation of balls changes and gets difficult. Each level also offers a challenge, like in one of the level the challenge was to free a ghost. Things like this keeps a user engaged.

At each level we are also presented a booster. The game has a total of 3 types of boosters, although I used all of them, but it’s difficult to explain, so you should try it for yourself.

Monster pet popup bubble shooter
Level beginning screen.

While hitting and exploding balls, you need to match them for a more dramatic effect and combos. In case you are in need of more balls , you need to contact friends ,replay the level again, or buy them.

Each level at beginning presents you with hints that are great help for some one who is new to the game. As far as we played the game there weren’t any lags and it was performing well and follows the android guidelines.

The graphics of the game is quite good along with smooth animations.


We liked the game and so shall you guys. The game is built well and feels that proper time has been invested on development and testing, both. There is nothing that we didn’t liked the game about, neither we have anything to suggest as an improvement.

 Monster Pet Pop Bubble Shooter hint screen
Each level provides a hint

You can download the game from here on Playstore.
Here is the link.


WordPress media upload api on Android

In this post I will be writing about how to upload media on to word-press site using the Media api from wp-api library.

Again the reason for writing this is same, not enough info on this particular topic, and few people are stuck in the same issue I faced.

Another reason for writing is that, if you intend to code this up on to Java, it will work, but the Android HTTP classes are a bit different and the headers they were sending was slightly different than the same classes on Java.

Lets start.

For simplicity we will use a third party HTTP library, HttpRequest by Kevin.

In order to get the api work, at minimum we require 2 fields, 1st is the file and other the title.
Thus we get the following code:

HttpRequest request = HttpRequest.post(url);
request.authorization("Basic "+ah);
request.part("file", fName+".png", "image/png", new File(file));
request.part("title", "test");
if(request.code()==201) {
StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
onMedia(Media.parse(new JsonParser().parse(sw.toString()).getAsJsonObject()));
onError(new Exception("Unable to upload."));
StringWriter sw = new StringWriter();
Log.i(request.code()+" - "+request.toString());

I hope this will help a lot to those that have been struggling on to this.

Have a nice day.

Reading shoutcast stream on Android

In this post I will be writing about how to extract meta-data info from Shoutcast url.
The reason for writing this post is that not much info is available about this stuff on Android, thus without wasting any more time, lets begin.

The first step in this procedure is to call the url, with Icy-MetaData = 1, as it’s header.
So the code will become some thing like this:

//=== Fetch ICY INT
URL url = new URL(rurl);
URLConnection conn = url.openConnection();
conn.addRequestProperty("Icy-MetaData", "1");

When you call the url with this header, you will receive a header in response, icy-metaint. This field indicates after how many bytes we have the meta-data, so we will have to skip these many bytes.

int discard = Integer.parseInt(hList.get(META_INT).get(0) + "");
InputStream is = conn.getInputStream();
long read = 0;
long skipped = is.skip(discard);
while (skipped != discard) {
skipped += is.skip(discard - skipped);

Its time to read the chunks of meta-data , the first byte *16 of this chunk represents the number of bytes that contain the data, rest are just padded.

//=== Read 1st byte
int fb = is.read();
//=== Read metadata, first byte *16
int mdl = fb * 16;
read = 0;
String md = "";
do {
byte[] mdb = new byte[mdl - (int) read];
read = is.read(mdb);
md += new String(mdb, 0, mdb.length);
} while (read != mdl);

So we have our meta data now, time to parse it.
The data is separated by ‘;’ so we just have to split now.

String metdata = new String(md.trim().getBytes(), "utf-8");
//=== Extract
String[] data = metdata.split(";");
Tag t = new Tag();
for (String tag:data){

So the final code looks like this:

Hope you liked this post.