Android app review : Born2Invest

Born2Invest header image

Born2Invest App from Dom Einhorn on Vimeo.

This week I got an opportunity to review an App that will help you out in your investing decisions. The app I am talking of is Born2Invest. Born2Invest is a small app that provides you with news from around the world and this in turn provides you with more investing options.

Talking functionality wise there is not much to talk about, the app provides you to choose category , then fetches the news and shows it to you.

The app opens up with one pre selected category and the left navigation provides you option to choose others.

Borm2Invest news screen

Each news can be shared on to social networks and detail can be seen via “Read More” option.

In the settings you have the option to enable notifications for new content and also select the categories. In the left navigation the app also provides an option to view all unread news so you don’t miss any.


Born2invest choose categories


The app works good once the data has been downloaded, its just at one place while loading time that it got stuck, so this needs to be look at. Besides this the UI can be improved a bit, rest all looks good.
App can be downloaded from playstore.

Core Music Player : App review

Core music player app store
Today I will be reviewing a music player app, the name of the app is “Core Music Player“.
The app searches for audio files on your device, and allows you to organize in lists for a Workout Session, or for a Relaxing mood.

The app also provides you with a recorder to record the stuff you need, and keep it for later listening. With all these things the app provides you a Radio, with stations for all over the world  for each country.
Core music player android app


The bottom section of home screen shows  the currently playing track or radio station, where in you can switch to next and share also.



Considering that the app is in development, functionality wise it is ok, but needs work on the UI part and refinement at few places. The icons at certain places look low resolution, also the background image is making text difficult to be read.

You can download the app from here.

Impossible Road Test : Android app review

Impossible road google play

This time I got an opportunity to review a Game , “Impossible Road Test” by Asktolik.
This is a snake game, a small one, with different characters.

The basic concept of the game is that, a snake is moving around in the field, first of all you have to prevent it from colliding. Secondly you have to collect certain objects on the way that add up to the tail, so it goes longer and longer.

The snake is moving in the right direction by default and you have to swipe it to the left using fingers to prevent from colliding , once you leave the touch it will again move to right direction.

Once a level is finished, the app relaunches again with another character. The app has only one level or I have not been able to cross that 🙂


Impossible road screens


Conclusion :

I feel the app is quite good and addictive. There are no such distractions , no such un-necessary functionalities, its just the game, open it and play.

Hope you guys will like it too.
Download it from here.

Shop Deal : Android app review

Today I have got an opportunity to review “Shop Deal“. Shop Deal goes for uniting different shopping administrations at one spot.

The application opens up with a rundown of popular e-commerce platforms, like Amazon, Snap-Deal, Flipkart and allows you to navigate to their sites,  where in you can investigate and make buys.
On the top left, there is an icon, which brings in further options from the left side of the screen. The options include some other shops, a list of comparison sites, food & grocery sites, sites for recharge and bill pay and many others.

Lets investigate few of the choices here, “Compare” shows you a list of Comparison sites like : 91 Mobiles, ByMyPrice, CompareRaja etc.

Food and grocery shows you Big Basket, Domino’s, Food Panda and many more.

Recharge and Billpay shows you freecharge , Paytm, mobikwik.

For travelling sites you have ClearTrip, GoIbibo, MakeMyTrip etc.

Along with all these a news section comes in as a Bonus. It updates periodically and brings in updated content for you.


The app provides you all categorized services at one place, so if this feels easy to you, if you go to these sites frequently, the app is for you.

The app can be downloaded from playstore, here is the link.

InCommon : App Review



InCommon is a social app for making companions and meeting new individuals. The application discovers individuals close to your present area having comparable interests.

InCommon provides a wide options of interests you can choose from. Once you have found people with same interest send them a request and chat with in app chat.

The app opens up with a nice splash screen followed by login options. You can connect with facebook or google.


InCommon login


Once you have logged in via any of these social network, you will have to setup your profile initially.
This will involve writing a short description about your self and selecting your interests.


InCommon profile setup


When you are finished with these you will at last land at Dashboard where you will have couple of different options to choose from, yet above all you can find individuals close you and make companions.


InCommon dashboard



The Application has a fantastic , clear and crisp user interface. The process from registration to dashboard is completely smooth.

The application can possibly push ahead. Much the same as all other social applications its prosperity relies on its audience, if individuals won’t discover individuals close them they may not utilize it. So this thing should be taken a gander at.

On the whole app is promising.

The app can be download from playstore. InCommon playstore link.

Terry Brival : App review

Hey guys, hope you all are doing good.
Today I cam across an artist Terry Brival and his Android app.

The basic purpose of the app is allow the fans of Terry Brival to connect with him, so they can purchase his merchandise, music, albums and join him on his various networks.

The app opens up with a splash screen and within few seconds moves to dashboard.
Dashboard provides navigation to Music, Albums, Accessories, and his official website.


Terry Brival android app dashboard

In the music section you can connect to various services like Deezer, iTunes, Spotify from where you can download and listen to his tracks.

Terry Brival android app music section

The app provides you an option to purchase the album too, just navigate to Albums section and you can have a look at the reviews and details of it.

Thus if you like it, add it to the cart.

Android app album section

Besides these you can connect to his existing social networks.

Terry Brival is available for his fans on nearly all popular social networks, from Facebook to Linkedin , he has a vast social availability.

Social networks of Terry Brival


So as far as I tested the app, it works, at certain point I felt there should be some kind of view depicting the loading of pages, but that’s a small issue, rest all looks good.

If you are a fan of Terry Brival don’t miss his app and connect with him on social network of your choice.

The app can be downloaded from:  Terry brival playstore link.

Create view similar to navigation drawer from right

Android Navigation drawer like layout from right side


In this post I shall be writing about how to create a Navigation Drawer like layout on android but from the right side of the screen. You can additionally move android Navigation drawer to the right side utilizing the gravity, however for this situation I as of now had one on the left side and wanted to make another from the right side.

I additionally don’t know whether its conceivable to include 2 route drawers, one from left another from Right, so I just went ahead to my way to deal with making one. Its not that impeccable as the Android one but rather still works.

The first step is to extend a layout, add it to the XML with some defined width like say 200 dip, and once its attached to the window move it onto the right side of the screen leaving some offset. This can likewise be accomplished utilizing the Gravity as a part of XML, yet I did it in the code.


In this above code, when this view is attached I am doing few tasks like setting listener, making it fully transparent, and moving it to right.

So now we have moved it on to right but left some padding also, represented by Offset, this will be used to detect the touch when user touches near the edges of screen.

Now its time to write some code, when user touches it.
We will need to make it visible and as user moves his finger to left, we will have to move the view also.


In the above code you can see, when user touches (ACTION_DOWN) we have added an overlay to dim out rest of the layout on screen, and changed the Alpha of this view.

Now on ACTION_MOVE ( in default section of switch) we are changing the X coordinates of view as per the user touch, and at the same time changing the Alpha of the overlay view, to make it more visible with time.

At some point we have to stop the view also and that’s what the first line in default case of switch is doing.

Below is the complete code.


Here is how you can use the same in XML:

Here is the end result of the above code:

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Map location book marker review

Map location book marker is a book marking app for your locations. The app provides you with an option to choose location on map, just like shown in the below screen-shot.

Select location

Once you have selected the location its time to save it.
The app shows up a pop up dialog , with the geo coordinates of the location and the option to enter name for it.

Save location

The location is now saved.
In order to view my saved locations, click on the markers list button at bottom left.
This shows up a list of markers with options to show the route from current location to selected location, save screen shot of the map, view location on map, share location and delete it.
Markers list

Besides that on the top there is search bar to find the location and add it to your list.

Conclusion :

If you are looking for a simple app to save the locations, take the screen-shot and use offline later on then the app is good for you, its free so you don’t have to shed anything off to try it out.


Improvements :

The first improvement that I will suggest is the name of the App on the launcher screen, its my_loc_book, should be changed to something like “Location Book”.

Another thing that can be enhanced is the UI, current UI looks outdated, and people love to see good looking apps, so work needs to be done here.

Hope the review was complete enough, the app is available on playstore, with the name, Map location save book marker.

Moto Racing : App review

Here is another app that I reviewed today “Racing Moto“.

This bike racing game is developed by “6DGames”.
The application utilizes accelerometer as the principle method of control. When you have crossed the sprinkle screen you get a choice to choose the bicycle.


Moto racing review

One of the bikes is free and rest are paid.

Post determination of bicycle you get an alternative to pick the sort of perspective or cam position, whatever you need to call it.
Motoracing review

Next comes the real diversion play, here is the feature for the same:



This is a small bike racing game, whatever is there in it, it works, it meets expectations, you won’t be exhausted while you are playing it.



The game can be improved on Graphics.
I don’t know if it has options to de-accelerate the bike and to apply brakes.
Once these are done, the controls can be improved, and the rundown never closes.

Hope you guys will find the game interesting, I as a developer know the amount of effort it takes to create even small games.

Best of luck to 6Decgames.


Transforming activity to Material theme

In this post I will be writing about how you can change your current activity to material design.

Material design is a certain set of specifications that allows you to change the look and feel of your app, this is done by maintaining a type of continuity in the design, the appearance of views, activity transitions etc.

With all these news features, what you can do, you change the action bar colour, change the top status bar colour, change the tints on views.

In previous versions changing all these things were quite difficult, but now they are pretty easy and Android has provided guidelines to achieve these.

For this part we will be using AppCompact library for backward compatibility.

Lets first understand the terminology of various sections of activity in styles.xml
Change android activity to material theme

Now all these attributes defined above can be customized in styles.xml.

I am now starting on with the view of one of my apps before any customization. Its a wallpaper changer app and available on Android market.
Change activity to material theme

This is just like a normal activity, now lets start customizing it.

Currently your styles.xml might be looking like:


<style name=”AppTheme” parent=”AppBaseTheme”>       


Now lets change the actionbar background colour, for this we will use colorPrimary attribute.

<item name=”colorPrimary”>@color/blue</item>

Next we can change the status bar colour. I will make the status bar of same colour.

<item name=”colorPrimaryDark”>@color/blue</item>

Lets try to change the ascent colour also, with this it will change the tint to every widget. I will be attaching a screen-shot of a view with progress bar, and you can see that its colour will be changed.

<item name=”colorAccent”>@color/red</item>

So lets see how our changes look.
Create mmaterial design activity


Do you see some thing here in centre, our progress bar is Red in colour, that’s a tint.

Here is how my final xml looks:

<style name=”AppTheme” parent=”AppBaseTheme”>
        <item name=”windowActionBarOverlay”>true</item>
        <item name=”colorPrimary”>@color/black</item>
        <item name=”colorPrimaryDark”>#00000022</item>
        <item name=”colorAccent”>@color/red</item>


and here is how my final app looks:
Material design


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