Fetch large data from column using odbc connection

Recently I went into issue while writing one of my scripts for my android project. Nearly all of my api’s use odbc connection, while going through one of them I found that the api is suddenly returning blank. After spending many hours the issue was with odbc, which was just stopping my script as soon as it reads the row with column with data type ntext that had large data.

I tried enough solutions that I got on google, but none of them fixed the issue, at last the only thing that worked was “type casting my column to varchar at run time.

So now my query looked like:

“select c.col1, c.col2,¬†convert(varchar(5000),c.col3) as col3 from myTable …. “

Well this is not an exact solution, and may have drawbacks, but it solved my issue to some extent.

Hope this will help some one.
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