Wallpaper Changer Android App

Android Wallpaper Changer App

As a part of my quick two day project, I created a very smallĀ  wallpaper changing app. What this app does is that it changes the wallpaper of your android mobile every time you are on wifi.

For the images we refer to various stock images sites like: IsoRepublic , Pixabay etc. The primary focus of the app was to keep it simple and clean, that’s not much features have been added in it. In case people will start liking it, then may be we can add it later on.


One think to keep in mind while using this app is that the functionality will not work if you are on Mobile network, this has been done intentionally to reduce the mobile data bandwidth.

The quality of certain images we host might not be very high resolution, since we are dependent on our sources of images, however we have plans to improve it further.

So guys, go ahead an try out Android wallpaper changer app, and provide feedback’s and suggestions on the links on that page.

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