Wireframe Android app

Wire-framing involves understanding the project and then creating the app flow, using various building blocks.
A wireframe is generally grey scale representation of various screens of the app, describing the functionality and the location of widgets on screen.Wireframes can range from very unfinished and ‘sketchy’ in appearance, to very polished looking and reflective of how the system will look at 100% completion.

Using wire-frames can help determine:

  • The structure of a page or screen.
  • The layout of content.
  • The functionality available.
  • Calls to action.
  • Blocks of text.
  • User interface elements.
  • Graphic design touches.

Wireframing Tools

There are various different products available in the market for this purpose.
Below listed are few of them:

Personally I use Pencil Evolus since its free and is sufficient for my needs.

Below are few of the screens that I created using Pencil wireframing tool.


Android app wireframe screen
Android app wireframe screen
Android Wireframe screen
Android Wireframe screen
Android app wireframe
Android app wireframe


Well In case you have an idea for an app, and do not know from where to start, wireframing the app will be the first step for it.
You can mail me at the mail id mention in Contact me section at my home page.

Wireframing college student App

One of the projects that I took recently had the requirements of creating wireframes for the app flow.

The project was an app for students wherein they and the college can share updates.
I am hereby sharing one complete image of wireframes.

Note: The wireframes have been distorted intentionally to prevent client data.

Wireframe for college student app
Wireframe for college student app

Blyke : Meme sharing App on Android

Recently I came across a very interesting app, Blyke. Blyke allows you to create , upload and share your meme with others.
Once you are registered, the Blyke Android app shows up nice scrolling lists of memes, to which you can comment and press a like.
The app also allows you to share the meme with all available sharing options on your Android device.

Home screen of Blyke App

The home screen shows you a very nice list of all the memes posted.
Clicking on the meme takes you to a page where in you can comment, share and like the meme.

Blyke Android app : Home screen
Blyke Android app : Home screen
Blyke Android app : Home screen2
Blyke Android app : Home screen2

Clicking on any of the meme on list, shows you option to like and comment the meme.
Have a look at the below screen.

Blyke Android app: Comment and like
Blyke Android app: Comment and like

Share a comment

The comment shows option to comment and like meme, and also to share it on your sharing apps installed on Android phone.

Blyke Android app: Upload meme
Blyke Android app: Upload meme

The Blyke android app, looks promising and has a long way to go, I wish good luck and success to the creator of this app.


Available on Android play store

The app is available for download on Playstore, please visit below link.

Blyke android app: On playstore
Blyke android app: On playstore


In case you have used the above app and have something to say  do leave your comments here, and share the info with your friends.

PlanShaddi : Design and functionality update

Planshaadi one of my Android app aimed at managing your wedding needs is going into major design upgrade and we have added in some new cool features too. The app now has a flat and much more colorful design.

The old modules of Checklist, Budget Calculator, Guest List, Vendors and Shopping List have been kept in the app, plus there has been additional modules for Vendors, Wedding Ideas, Videos and Scrap Book. The top menu design has been updated too with much more features added to it. Lets provide a short description of each module.


This provides the ability to search Vendors as per country and category, once you have the vendor you can then add him to your account and also contact him for any needs.

Vendors module : Planshaadi android app
Vendors module : Planshaadi android app


Wedding Ideas

This module provides various articles with useful info for wedding. Articles like, choosing attire, getting your groom involved etc.

Wedding-ideas module : Planshaadi android app
Wedding-ideas module : Planshaadi android app



This module lists some interesting videos for the bride and groom. Videos on topics like grooming, shaping your body, Mehndi tips etc. Do check this interesting module.

Videos module : Planshaadi android app
Videos module : Planshaadi android app


Hope you all liked the changes we are doing to this app.
The web version of this app is available at www.planshaadi.com



Carkifilek : AndEngine based game

Carkifilek is a small educational game on Android that tests our knowledge in a fun loving way. In this game you have to guess various words hints of which are provided, for every correct guess you earn various points which are then passed on to next game.

The game is still in development, still its worth mentioning here. Below are few of the screens of  game.

Carkiflek Home screen
Carkiflek Home Screen
Carkiflek Game Screen
Carkiflek Game Screen

Fetch large data from column using odbc connection

Recently I went into issue while writing one of my scripts for my android project. Nearly all of my api’s use odbc connection, while going through one of them I found that the api is suddenly returning blank. After spending many hours the issue was with odbc, which was just stopping my script as soon as it reads the row with column with data type ntext that had large data.

I tried enough solutions that I got on google, but none of them fixed the issue, at last the only thing that worked was “type casting my column to varchar at run time.

So now my query looked like:

“select c.col1, c.col2, convert(varchar(5000),c.col3) as col3 from myTable …. “

Well this is not an exact solution, and may have drawbacks, but it solved my issue to some extent.

Hope this will help some one.
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The app is used to provide sex tips to its users.
You will be thrilled by more than 200 sex tips shared by the growing Sexycrets Community! Buy the app once and get new sex tips forever.Whether you are a sex curious, a good lover or a wannabe sex artist you can’t miss this unique growing collection.

The app opens with and option to choose gender, next screen provides you an option to either view all the sex tips or view tips that you have marked as favourites.

Sexcrets - screen1
Sexcrets – Select tips

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Cabin Leaders

The app is created for an airlines organization to help in some of their internal tasks.
CabinLeaders is designed especially for Saudi Airlines Crew to make our work easier and more organised.


  • Time Log
    An easy way to log all the times of your flight stages like PAX boarding, last PAX, door close, push back etc.
  • Sky sales commission
    Just put your total sales and the app will tell you everything.
  • Crew Rest
    Fill all the time and you will get beautiful and easy rest chart.

Below are few of the screens of the app.

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