The app is used to provide sex tips to its users.
You will be thrilled by more than 200 sex tips shared by the growing Sexycrets Community! Buy the app once and get new sex tips forever.Whether you are a sex curious, a good lover or a wannabe sex artist you can’t miss this unique growing collection.

The app opens with and option to choose gender, next screen provides you an option to either view all the sex tips or view tips that you have marked as favourites.

Sexcrets - screen1
Sexcrets – Select tips

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Cabin Leaders

The app is created for an airlines organization to help in some of their internal tasks.
CabinLeaders is designed especially for Saudi Airlines Crew to make our work easier and more organised.


  • Time Log
    An easy way to log all the times of your flight stages like PAX boarding, last PAX, door close, push back etc.
  • Sky sales commission
    Just put your total sales and the app will tell you everything.
  • Crew Rest
    Fill all the time and you will get beautiful and easy rest chart.

Below are few of the screens of the app.

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Traffic Widget

This android widget shows you the current status of traffic between two destinations, since this service is only available in US, this widget too works in US only. The traffic widget android app, accepts your source and destination and then continuously checks for the route status between those destinations.

The android app shows widget with three status on your home screen, for every route you can place in one widget on your home screen.
Below are few of the screens of the app.

Traffic widget android app navigation
Traffic widget android app navigation

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iDance Cha Cha Lite is a video app aims to promote the fun of International Latin Dancing and the dance of Cha Cha Cha. You can learn how to dance each international cha cha cha syallbus step and routine by watching our videos to help you practice and remember.

The free version contains the following steps in the Beginner category
-Basic Movements
-New York
-Spot Turns
-Shoulder to Shoulder
-Hand to Hand
-Three Cha Cha Chas
-Forward & Backward Lock
-Time Steps
-Beginner Routine

Below are some screens of the android app.

iDance android - video lessons
iDance android – video lessons

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